[The InfoSec Society]

Information Security Society (ISS) develops immersive real-time attack and defense simulations. Based in the nation's capital, our public-facing projects demonstrate global impact. We are wargamers and CTF developers, and we're building a stronger presence in global cyberdefense wargaming (CTF) circuits.

Recently of note, Hacker Women's CTF team - an all women's wargaming team under the umbrella of The InfoSec Society -- is steadily growing in multi-disciplinary talent. The team placed 3rd in the DEFCON 24 Packet Hacking Village "WiFi Sheep Hunt" competition, and twice qualified in "Capture The Packet" finals.

Creativity, curiosity, tenacity, and teamwork are all strong qualifiers for The InfoSec Society team candidate; if this sounds like you, consider joining or supporting our practice today.