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Information Security Society of Capitol Hill

Join Information Security Society in forum and arena to discover and experience how cyberdefense exercise within simulated environments can provide the first steps towards identifying a viable path to a safe and secure global networked grid.

Tradecraft Mixers

Murder at Sky Terrace | The Forged Fingerprint: A “bloodied” iPhone was found at the scene of Mr. Boddy’s murder, and it belongs to a guest at the party. In this Clue-themed mixer, our talented guests must combine skills of forensic analysis, iOS hacking, digital retouching, and logical deduction to figure out “whodunnit” killed Mr. Boddy!

Information Security Society throws the best murder mystery mixers by framing hacker tradecraft loosely around a Clue (The Movie) themed cocktail party.  A carefully selected guest list brings together eclectically skilled participants to solve a mystery while craftily meeting the themed objective.  Contact Information Security Society to plan your signature tradecraft mixer today.

Murder at Sky Terrace

Target: Communications Underground

Objective: Research and develop secure and unified standalone networks to host exploitational communication devices within an attack-and-defend meets jeopardy-style scoreboard CTF arena; to lead discovery and testing of invasion, surveillance, and countermeasure capabilities through exploration of publicly available hardware technology.

In this module we build wireless prototypes to mesh IPv6 networks, modify long range communication towers, and integrate custom endpoint devices, drops, and sensors to connect from the field. The objective is to create an on foot and base camp infrastructure (RS&S  Troop A / Company C) to support WARGAMES, ISS’s newest prototype CTF tournament to be released under the Capitol Hill CTF Tournament series in 2015.


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