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The Information Security Society of Capitol Hill


Information Security Society, LLC Mission Statement: 

  • Join Information Security Society in forum and arena to learn, experience, and discover how cyberdefense exercise within simulated virtual environment can provide the first steps towards identifying a viable path to a safe and secure global networked grid.

Membership – Join Information Security Society!

  • Applications to join the Capitol Hill Chapter of Information Security Society are available at  #mansionsec monthly only!
  • Awesome Benefits including CTF Team Registry, Tickets to Capitol Hill CTF, and Private Invitationals

Capitol Hill CTF Tournament && Lockpickers Lounge

  • Taking 2014 as a prototyping and development year to best present a brand new game in 2015 that once again shapes larger community expectations of Cyber Defense research, models and presentation.




Target: Communications Underground

Build Secure Unified Standalone Networks and Exploitational Communication Devices within a simulated Capture the Flag Tournament Deployment to lead discovery and invention of new surveillance and tracking capabilities through exploration of public and accessible hardware technology.


In this module we focus on Building Mesh Networks; Deploying Long Range Communications Towers, and developing devices to connect to them from the field to create an on foot and base camp CTF Tournament Challenge in our National Parks.


  • DIY-COMM: GPS, Wifi, Cantenna & Dish Modification Workshops
  • Rasp Pi / Arduino Research and Development
  • Un-Manned Vehicles – Aerial, Foot, and Fluvial

Software Development

  • ipv6 / cjdns
  • GPS / GSM / IPv6 software controllers
  • pen testing tool kits
  • Hive Research

Target: INFOSEC Wargames

Capture the Flag Virtual Environments

  • Global Digital Threatscape Emulation
  • Research and Development
  • Emerging Technologies, Practical Arenas

Capture the Flag Physical Environments

  • Crypto Treasure Hunt DC
  • Lockpick Lounge
  • Weypoints, Geocache
  • Dead drop History and Tactic



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